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Act I - Approaching the Market

General Features

Eight Roads Market itself is a sizeable three-story structure nestled adjacent to an oasis pond. Many wide, well-trod roads branch out from all sides of the market -- testaments to its importance as a center of trade.

The Market

The market traditonially serves host to a seasonal gathering of merchants from all of the Dunes' varied communities. The difficulty inherent in traversing the Dunes makes this one of the more important events for the Dunes' natives, as it may be one of the only chances to obtain supplies, gifts, and curiosities. A disruption to the gathering could have serious repurcussions for residents of all of the Dunes' residents.

Outside the Market

East (Main) Entrance

Upon approach, read this:


The market stands several stories tall, made of solid tan limestone. The walls are weather-beaten but sturdy, and small windows from the upper levels line the walls roughly thirty feet up. Over the very top of the walls, forty-five feet up, umbrellas are just visible from the rooftop courtyard.

The main road to the Market runs right up to the middle of the East-facing wall, blocked by a set of ten-foot-tall, five-foot-wide double doors.

The doors of the East entrance are open.

North (Secondary) Entrance

The North side of the building has one set of identical doors, identical to those on the East wall. These are locked by a simple iron lock, and can be broken with a successful DC 15 Strength check or unlocked with a successful DC 12 Sleight of Hand check with Thieves' Tools.

South Wall

The South wall is featureless -- a solid limestone wall.

West Wall

The West wall is also featureless, but abuts a small oasis pond. The oasis water is tainted as described in Fountains & Basins, and the nearby fish and plant life appears sickly or dying.

Scaling the Walls

Creatures can access the roof of the Market using a Grappling Hook (DC 18 Athletics check to toss the hook), Levitate spell, or similar means.

In this case, skip to the "Rooftop", and use the "Entering from the Rooftop" notes.

The walls cannot be scaled without a Grappling Hook or magical means: a relevant spell, or an item such as Slippers of Spider Climbing.