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Exploring the Market

Crew Members

The corpses of Captain Helbram's former crew members can be found throughout the Market, dredged from the depths of the sea by the reality-bending forces of the Old One. The corpses are cold and saltwater-soaked, as if pulled from the ocean, but are otherwise unblemished and are preserved as if under the effects of the Resurrection spell.

These crew members' souls are at the center of the adventure -- stuck between serving as Cofax Delirium's payment to the Old Man and being bound by Helbram's Pact, it's truly their fates that hang in the balance. For details on the crew, see the table below.

The party must search the Market for all of the crew members' vessels, restore their souls, and confront Delirium and the Old Man of the Sea to determine the fates of all those ensnared in this tangle of pacts and payments.


Being plucked from the abyssal depths and magically resuscitated is no small ordeal. Crew members will suffer a -4 penalty to all skill checks, attack rolls, and saving throws. In addition, until they are able to rest and recover, their stats are considered to be 10 (+0) for all skill checks, attack rolls, and saving throws.

Name Race Personality Traits
Nigel Springborn Dwarf Bold-hearted, but terrible in a fight
Hera Hellhath Half-orc Fierce on the seas, but anxious on land
Cornelius Unbroken Orc Terrifying countenance, but actually hilarious
Calypso Human-ish Resourceful survivor, cryptic about her past, and blunt about others
Demitri Unbroken Orc Jovial and creative, with a talent for cooking
Sylvia Berrytree Halfling Soft spoken and studious, but with a temper
Tristin Bellavierre Elf Charming and silver-tongued; always able to find a diplomatic solution
Julius Thunderhorn Tiefling Brazen and boastful, but clever enough to evade the law

Walls and Ceilings

The walls of Eight Roads at the ground and cellar levels are solid limestone. Hallways and rooms have ten-foot-high ceilings, with the exception of Area C., which has a twenty-foot-high ceiling.

Fountains and Basins

The sources of water within the Market have been tainted with rancid salt water in the presence of the Old Man of the Ocean. The faint smell of rotting fish wafts from water sources. Creatures who ingest the water must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. On failure, the creature spends the next 1d4 minutes vomiting, and gains one stack of Exhaustion.

On the first floor and above, sources of water become actively dangerous. Creatures within five feet of water sources must make a DC 16 Dexterity saving throw. On failure, they are pulled into the source of water face-first as far as possible, and are considered Grappled (escape DC 19). If the save is failed by ten or more, the creature must also make the aforementioned Constitution saving throw, as water fills their mouth and lungs.

Market Interior

When the party crosses a threshold into the Market, Cofax Delirium will appear nearby, emerging from behind a wall, column, or other obstacle.


"Finally come to settle the score, eh Captain?" A raspy voice echoes through the market. Leaning against one of the stone pillars is Cofax Delirium, archnemesis to the Captain Helbram. "We've got quite a knot to untangle, Helbram. First things first -- you return my sacrifices' souls to their vessels. Then we'll face the Old Man, you and I... and see which way the wind blows."

Cofax is a projection, created by the Major Image spell. Attacking or interacting physically with the illusion will dispel it, elliciting a mad fit of laughter that fades away into silence. If the illusion is not dispelled, Delirium will continue to speak to Helbram:


"And do be careful. Seems the Old Man drags in some nasty beasties wherever he goes."

Turning, he finishes with:

"Their souls were mine to offer, Helbram. Not yours to save. The Old Man wants payment."

After the brief exchange, the illusion will disperse as Delirium decays into coral, barnacles, fiddler crabs, and seawater.