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The Cellar is meant to be one of the more hazardous but rewarding areas. Partially flooded and prowled by sea predators and fraught with traps, the area contains some of the Market's stranger and more powerful secrets.

General Features

The Doors

The cellar doors are heavy iron doors, sealed with hand wheels. The doors are heavy, and require a successful DC 14 Athletics check for a single creature to open.

A. The Water

Most of the cellar is flooded, with water bubbling up from the well in the alcove east of E. Within the water lurk two Giant Sharks and one Water Elemental. The water is tainted as described in Fountains and Basins.

The doors north of D. and west of C. are locked and barred. The doors are largely watertight, but a successful DC 18 Perception check will reveal steady streams of water coming through the hinges and frame.

If opened, creatures within 10 feet of the door must make a DC 24 Strength saving throw as the water bursts through the doorway. Creatures that fail are knocked prone and take 4d6 bludgeoning damage; creatures that succeed are not knocked prone, and take only half damage.

In addition, once opened, the water will spread to cover new areas, changing the water level. Undisturbed, the water level is eight feet in flooded areas.

See the calculation below for determining water levels as new areas are opened. Note that numbers are not exact, but are close based on the map layout.

Initial Area: ~1625ft2
Initial Water Height: 8ft
Initial Volume: 1625 x 8 = 13,000ft3

If a creature were to use the stairwell in area D. and then open the north doors, water would rush in and stop at the door north of area C., adding approximately 220ft2.

Initial Volume: 13,000ft3
New Area: Initial Area + Added Area = 1845ft2
New Water Height: 13,000ft3 / 1845ft2 = ~ 7ft

B. Flooded Empty Storeroom

As the name suggests, there's not much to be found here.Unprocessed purple gems lay tucked behind a locked door in mining carts. The doors in this stoorroom have been rusted shut, and require a successful DC 22 Athletics check to open.

B.1 Hidden Chamber

It's here that the Old One has placed Calypso's vessel, hoping that it will remain undisturbed.


Calypso is the mysterious patron that answered Helbram's raving prayers; in return for unknowingly releasing her from her exile, she prevented Delirium from fulfilling his bargain, placing both Helbram and Delirium on a collisioin course.

Although she too is an elder entity, her strength waned while in exile, and she now requires a mortal form to act -- much to her frustration. Additoinally, binding her own soul and the souls of the crew took an immense amount of raw power. Restoring her to her vessel is still necessary, and she suffers the same penalties as other vessels.

Should Helbram fulfill his pact, and offer up Delirium's soul, Calpyso will be able to ascend beyond mortal form -- still barely a deity, but waning in strength. In this case, she will continue to lean on Helbram to return to her former status.

A DC 17 Investigation or similar check will reveal the north and east walls of the hidden room to be an illusion.

C. Crypt of the Founders

This area of the cellar is marked with carvings and relief art honoring Methis, the patron goddess of the mercantile world. Hidden behind four metal doors are the sarcophagi of the founders of the Eight Roads Market. Each is locked with Arcane Lock, and can be opened with the Tomb Key.


Should any of the sarcophagi be breached without using the Tomb Key, creatures involved will lose favor with Methis, gaining a curse.

While cursed in this way, no temple of Methis will offer refuge; when attempting to Short Rest, hit dice will only be half as effective. Iron facsimilies of GP will be hurled at those attempting to rest, preventing sleep and meditation.


Three of the Sarcophagi each contain a relic of the founders: - Crownplate - Bargaining Chip - Smuggler's Cape

(The missing relic is the Veracimeter, located on the Rooftop)

D. Armory & Treasury

A modest armory, primarily used for outfitting guards and Eight Roads security. South of the armory is the quartermaster's office, for signing in and out property and, in the case of the counters, gold.

North of the armory is the counters' office and the storerooms.

The armory and counting rooms are secured with iron portcullises. Raising a portcullis requires a DC 25 Athletics check.


Northwest Room - 8 iron chests, each containing 400 GP

Northeast Room - 9 wooden chests, each containing 400 GP

Middle West Room - two heavy crossbows - four scimitars - one short sword - two shields - one Tower Shield, which grants +3 to AC, and may be planted to provide Half Cover as a bonus action. The tower shield requires a strength of at least 14 to wield.

Middle East Room - 9 kris swords - 4 long bows - 9 heavy crossbow bolts - 6 daggers

Looting Gold

Looting either of the gold stores will cause a creature to lose favor with Methis. On taking any gold from either of the treasury rooms, the door north of the Treasury will crack open and give way, releasing water into the room if it has not already been opened.

E. Bathhouse Heating

Formerly an area devoted to warming the baths on the ground floor, this area has become the epicenter for the flooding in the cellar. Foul seawater surges from the well in the alcove west of the heating area, seemingly without end.

The well itself acts as a portal to the Old Man's prison dimension, although traveling against the current of the water would be nearly impossible.

Approaching the portal requires a successful DC 20 Athletics check; creatures that fail are pushed 10 feet away from the well. For creatures with a swim speed, the DC is 14.

Two Giant Sharks and one Water Elemental lurk in this area, and will attack other creatures on sight. After one round of combat, the Giant Sharks in area F. will arrive, drawn by the vibrations in the water.

F. Flooded Storeroom

A mundane storeroom with four columns in the center, filled with putrid water and spoiled goods.

Two Giant Sharks prowl the area. Upon detecting any creatures in the water, they will move to attack. After one round of combat, the Water Elemental and Giant Sharks in area E. will arrive, drawn by the vibrations in the water.

Behind the northeast pillar floats the vessel of Julius Thunderhorn