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First Floor

The first floor of the market contains lodging for the various merchants, customers, and tourists who visit Eight Roads' during its seasonal festivals.

Astral Hazard

If on the first floor or above, traversing the astral or ethereal planes poses a huge risk. Creatures that attempt to shift into these planes find themselves confronted with the mad reality lurking adjecent to the Market.

When faced with this horror, non-abberation creatures must make a DC 17 Intelligence saving throw. On failure, creatures gain one stack of Long Term Madness.

A. Luxury Suites

This area contains four luxury suites, usually reserved for key patrons or merchants. All four rooms are protected both by the Arcane Lock spell, and an Alarm spell guarding the doorway.

If the Alarm spell is triggered, three Bloated Others will be drawn to the noise, arriving in three minutes.

The southeast luxury room contains the vessel of Sylvia Berrytree.


The northwest suite contains 1d4 gems worth 1000 GP

B. Economy Suites

The economy suites are home to a Sea Spawn Aspect. Nothing of use can be found in the area.

C. Mid-range Rooms

These rooms are modest but comfortable. One of the rooms contains the vessel of Demitri Unbroken.

D. The Grocery Market

A small set of stalls specializing in fresh produce and dried mushrooms and meats, along with supplies for treks into the Dunes. Beneath a pile of cabbages in one of the bins is the vessel of Nigel Springborn.


Tucked into the northeast storeroom are a Monster Hunter's Pack, a Priest's Pack, and a Diplomat's Pack.

The small office to the northwest of the market contains various letters inviting elite buyers and merchants to this season's festival. All are stamped and sealed with the Mercantile Guild's insignia.

In a corner of the office, tucked behind several tomes is a lamp, within which one Djinni is sealed.

The scrolls on the desk depict maps of the Dunes.


If the lamp is disturbed, a Djinni will emerge. Initially it will attempt to intimidate the party, but will admit it has been bound to the lamp if pressed or beaten in combat.

The Djinni's goal is first and foremost to escape confinement, even offering the party one Wish in return for its freedom. In order to free the Djinni, the lamp must be submerged in seawater and then cracked open. The AC for the lamp is 25, and it has 1 hit point.

The tainted water throughout the Market cannot serve as seawater for this purpose, but the waters during the final confrontation (see Rooftop) can.