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Finale: The Old Man of the Sea

Once all of the vessels have been restored, Cofax Delirium will appear again as an illusion. Storm clouds will overtake the skies, and a deluge of rain will blanket the market.

"Well done, Captain. Now, if ye wouldn't mind making your way to the rooftop... I have a debt to pay."

The unnatural rain, salty and tainted in the same fashion as the rest of the water in the market, will begin to flood Eight Roads, starting with the remainder of the cellar and only stopping at the rooftop. The flooding happens quickly; have all players and NPCs roll initiative.

At the start of each round, the water level will rise to cover half of a floor, starting with the cellar. On each turn, players and NPCs may attempt to ascend to the upper floors; use Chase rules or similar complications and mechanics.

After six rounds, all floors but the rooftop will be submerged. In addition, an semi-real illusion cast by the Old Man of the Sea will cause the outlying terrain -- usually desert -- to appear as a putrid and furiously churning ocean as if under the effects of the Mirage Arcane spell.

The Final Battle

Upon reaching the rooftop, the vessels (save Calypso, who will attempt to hide) will be drawn into the sky and suspended, held in limbo until the twisted strands of pacts and fate are untangled -- or severed entirely. While suspended in this way, they cannot be forced to the ground, affected by spells or damage, or moved in any way.

Once the vessels are suspended, Delirium will attack, seeking to end things once and for all.

If Delirium is reduced to half hit points, his Patron will attempt to tip the scales, and an Avatar of the Drowned will arise from the depths of the illusory ocean at the center of the rooftop.


Delirium Triumphs

Should the entire party fall unconscious or die, the souls of the crew will be reaped by the Old Man of the Sea. In addition, he will obliterate Calypso entirely. Helbram will no longer suffer any of the ill effects of her influence -- inability to sleep, nightmarish visions, and the like -- when he awakens.

Delirium will escape and experience a substantial increase in power, but will not outright kill the party. The market itself will be returned to normalcy as well, save for whatever damage was caused by the party, other creatures, and the flooding.

The Players Triumph

Should the players defeat Delirium, the crew will be freed from their suspended state. The Avatar of the Drowned, enraged by the meddling of Calypso and Helbram, will continue to fight, seeking to destroy all present. At this point, if all characters fall unconscious or die, the players, the crew, along with Calypso and Alon will be devoured by the abyssal waters.

The Dunes will also suffer an immense change in climate -- a decades-long monsoon will flood the sands, as the victorious Elder God seeks to escape his prison and spawn a new ocean over the bones of the old.

If the Avatar of the Drowned is defeated, though, the Old One will be banished back into his prison beneath the sands. With Delirium, his last tether to the material world, broken, he will remain imprisoned until he regains enough strength to try and entice another mortal into servitude.

The storm will abate, and the Eight Roads Market will return to normal. For banishing the profane god from her domain, Methis will repair damage wrought on the market, and give the players permission to keep any of the Founders' Artifacts that they may have obtained.